May 27, 2012

Today, Everybody Must Have English!

Today, English is one of the most popular and widely used language worldwide. It is not only practiced by the native speakers such as American or Britisher but is also used as main and official language in many other countries. It can be enumerated here at least three advantages of having English proficiency as follows:

1.      Knowledge:
Nowadays, having English skill is such a big fun as we can get so many things in this world. We can find out all information and knowledge we need that other people can’t find. We can enjoy having unlimited access to all matters according our interest. We can easily get all types of knowledge we are interested in that relate to science, our religion, computers, business, health, sports, etc. Living in this globalization era is living in information age and most of this information is available in English. It is absolutely wrong that English is used by and useful for only general people who want to be specialized in general sciences like mathematic, medical, computer science and so on. English is everywhere used in all disciplines of knowledge including all sort of Islamic studies. Good tutorial textbooks, experts, internet resources and many more, all speak English and can provide the reader many things in detail. In short, English is the most widespread language in this planet.

2.      Jobs and Educational Career
There are so many job opportunities waiting for those who are capable in English. Most of good vacancies in the business, technology or sciences require English proficiency as the necessary requirement specially if the business deals with the international groups and companies. Instead of such promising jobs, English also benefits those students who want to pursue their education in higher degree, either for applying scholarship or for fulfilling the requirement of the institution applied. So, the more the student has English skill the more he has chances to get preference for fellowship. Finally, nationally or internationally, English is considered as one of the basic requirement to examine an appropriate person for job vacancies and scholarship.

3.      Nice Journey
Beside two important advantages above, if we look further, there is more interesting story if we have English. We will enjoy more when we have a long journey to other countries specially to western countries. A person will never worry to travel and communicate with other person if he has something to say and ask. That is not to say that such story is too far-imagination but everyone does not know what he will become, or where he will study or live. Probably, when a person was in a school he lived simply in Indonesia, but after he graduated, he has chance to pursue his study in a country where the English is used as local language such as England or Australia. However, supposed, if we don’t have an imagination to go abroad, English will never end, it will still be useful for the future, either for teaching in schools or we may travel to some places in Indonesia where there are a lot of tourists found in the place. So, English is still important whenever and wherever we live. Finally, the question arises is: do you agree that English is important today?

Is Learning English Easy?
After realizing the importance of English language in our mind, the question arises whether learning English is easy or not? The answer is YES, learning English is too easy as we compare to the situation before this modern era. Today English is everywhere found. It can be from a program in English-language television, music, magazines and English teachers. Moreover, since internet facility is easily found, English becomes much easier to be learnt. Learning English nowadays is not limited to such boring textbooks, but there are many ways that ease students in learning such as multimedia, film etc.
That is if we look from today’s situation and environment that ease everyone to get information he needs. Actually, if we observe from the English itself, as a branch of science, it is also not difficult. English is much easier than many other languages such as Chinese, Russian, German, etc including Arabic. Those languages are more complex in their grammatical rules and structure. In conclusion, it can be said that today, no reason we can not understand English!

How to learn English easily?
Probably, many students still feel difficult in learning English. The following few points are the suggestion that may help a student to improve his capability.

1.      Vocabulary
Vocabulary is the knowledge of words and word meaning. It is the key of learning a foreign language, specially English. Without that, our English will not make much benefit. From vocabulary, a person can create a right sentence that can be understood by others, or will not get trouble when he communicates to another person in a conversation. The more a person has vocabulary, the more he can easily understand the language. There are many ways to have enough vocabulary. That may be by reading a lot of English articles that starts from easy to difficult articles. Another way is by keeping the dictionary in touch. Actually, both reading articles and using dictionary can be done together. Further, memorizing vocabulary is also a useful method to enrich the amount of vocabulary.

2.      Grammar
Grammar is set of rules that describe the right structure of a language. We can learn it from various grammar books that suit us. Usually, each English course institution uses its own handbook of grammar that may differ from another institution. We also may learn from English teachers who can explain English in an easy way and illustration so that we can understand quickly without difficulty.

3.      Practice
Practice is actually a way to help our mind remembering the vocabulary. It can be done by writing, listening and speaking. If we want to speak English fluently, the necessary thing to do is just try to speak as often as we can. In speaking, English can be considered as one of the confusing language in its pronunciation. Therefore, it is ideally practiced with a person who usually speaks English specially those native speakers. However, the last and the most important thing to improve our English is just never be ashamed to practice English.
That’s all that may help our capability in understanding and learning English language. May Allah bless us with success and happiness in the future.

Best of luck!

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